Friday, May 23, 2008

In case you get bored...

I've been super bored today. I was all ready to go to the pool and then the thunder started and hasn't stopped since. Boo thunder. But my oh-so-wonderful husband decided to email me a list of things I could be doing instead of complaining to him (via email). So the next time YOU are bored try these:

Think of places to go bathing suit shopping

Run around the house

Play the guitar

Let me buy a motorcycle (which I will not by the way)

Let ice melt in your belly button

Spit on bugs

Make a carpet angel

Throw carrots at the wall and see if they go through

Suck spaghetti noodles through your nose and out your mouth to floss your sinus area

Hit apples off the balcony with my racquetball racquet

See how high you can stack books w/out them falling

Build a card castle

Watch water boil

Build an indoor campsite

Kill wasps with hairspray (or quilt basting spray -- like I just did)

Tie your shoelaces together and practice walking

Burn fabric with an iron

Use a utensil with your feet

Tie your legs together and jump around

Juggle tennis balls

See how many slices of bread you can fit in your mouth

Eat of spoonful of half-sugar, half-salt

Blow peanuts out of your nose

Duct tape your mouth shut and see how long you can leave it

Play yourself in paper football and win

Put all pictures in your album upside down

Melt ice between your butt cheeks

Walk on thumb tacks (with shoes) and see how many stick

Play apartment golf

Put all your pillows outside

Tie all your towels together to climb down the balcony

Burn said towel rope and see if you can beat the flames up

Siphon water out of the bathtub into the toilet

Run around the complex holding your hands up the whole time

Of course what ge could have said was "Get off your butt and clean the house!" but he didn't and that's just one more reason to love him. =)


  1. So I'm all about number one since that is a necessity before June 14th as for the rest...something else might need to be done "and or consumed" before trying!

  2. Your husband is hilarious!! I officially love him. And I have a wonderful visual of you making carpet angels in your living room. God stuff!


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