Monday, May 5, 2008

My life

Music is a huge part of my life. In fact, at pretty much any moment of any day (except today, because I am sick and sound like a dying goat in a hail storm) if you just happened to peek in on my life, I am probably singing, or humming, or whistling, or listening, or, get it. I'm so grateful that I get to spend a good bit of my time leading fellow believers in worship, for this is my heart.

Zach and I for Sing Great @ 8 - a Night of Worship we do in Atlanta
At Inside Out
The Set List for Inside Out - a once a month night of worship in Conyers

The Zach and I at Sing Great
Mary, me, and Kristi at Sing Great. Kristi was in from Hawaii (her husband is stationed there) for a few days, and this was the only time I got to see her!


  1. It is your life and sewing, too!!! How can you be so great at so many things - as my friend Carrie said (after seeing the gift you made for my friend), "she's beautiful, she can sing and she sews, too - that's just not fair! ;) *winks*
    I love those pics, especially the of us with Kristi - she's so great, it was a treat to see her!!!
    I hope you feel better soon! Missed you at church - Sloane and Justin will have to have their "couple photo" made another day!! :)

  2. great post! you are looking great by the way. i didn't think you could get any prettier! :)


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