Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friendship Part II

Ok - here's Part II of the Beach Trip pictures. I hope someone actually looks at these since it took a ridiculously long time to get this on here. You're welcome. =)

Seaside - sunglasses on
Sunglasses off


I love pictures like this - -natural and un-posed.

Funny hats! I think I tried on every wide brimmed hat in the Florida panhandle that week. Seriously.

M & M still at Seaside

The Chapel at Seaside

We spotted this monstrosity somewhere between Rosemary Beach and Seaside. I mean really - what do you DO with a house that big (and ugly)?

One morning the boys got up really early to go fishing. They didn't have much luck, but Justin did catch this thing.

The Mays

The girls

The Moons
At Baytowne Wharf in SanDestin - the coolest little place ever.

Justin made me put this one on here -- he thinks it is hilarious. I have no idea why he looks like that.

Perhaps my favorite picture -- but you probably could have guessed that. This is at Baytowne Wharf on the dock.

This looks like a photo-shopped picture it is so pretty. I didn't touch it I swear!


Yay! I'm just so happy that Sarah and I actually have a ton of pictures TOGETHER now!

Being silly.

Love this. And really - could my husbands eyelashes BE any longer? Gorgeous.

Zach's postcard picture
The biggest chair ever - notice the *warning* on each side. Ha!
Love the pink loin cloth.

And the ankle grass skirts.

So somehow my husband never flew a kite as a child. I know right?! Shocking! So we bought him a Osprey kite named Fluffy/Oscar (we were divided) and he "flyed" a kite for the first time our last day at the beach. Fun times.
You can't really tell from this picture, but Fluffy/Oscar was WAY up there. We ran out of string. Sad news though -- he didn't survive the flight back down. But at least he went out with a bang!

Don't ask me why - but this is what Justin chose to wear for our lunch movie hour. I think he makes a pretty good merman.
My little feetsies.

I love profile pictures. Notice the expression on Justin's face. ???

This was our last night in Florida. We ate at Uncle Ernie's - a fantastic restaurant right on St. Andrew's Bay.

Final group pic. What an amazing week!

There were dolphins in the bay right behind us as we ate dinner. Dolphins make me happy.=)
I am still completely unable to put into words the utter amazingness of this trip. Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. If you want to actually READ about the trip - go see Sarah.

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