Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is what we looked like all of this morning and most of the afternoon:

My sweet Love that is usually all smiles was a sad boy today.

He has had diarrhea since Tuesday night and today he started throwing up and it was just awful. He was lethargic and wouldn't do anything but lay on me. He slept most of the day while we rocked. It was the saddest thing.

I talked to the nurse and she said to get him some Pedialyte so my friend Sandy Jo ran to the store to get that for us so we wouldn't have to get out, and she threw in a bag of Peanut m&ms for the Mama. :) THANKS SANDY!!

Now he looks like this:

He is obviously feeling at least a little better. As I type this he is making a huge mess with his {clean} diapers and talking up a storm.

Also, today he is 8 months old. Check back tomorrow for his Month Day post!


  1. I'm glad he's feeling better. His sad picture broke my heart! I'm ready to see some pictures of him playing in the mud!!

  2. It is always so nice to share the love. Poor little guy. I am so glad her feels better.

  3. Poor little guy, glad he is feeling better. :)


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