Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lamp Post Bird Feeder

This gas lamp was in our front yard when we bought this house almost 2 years ago. We have always hated it because it was in a weird place and we just think they are kinda dumb. But that's just us. Anyway - we finally took it out (we did it ourselves after finding out it was going to cost at least $85 to have it removed and that wasn't counting capping off the gas going to it) and I turned it into a bird feeder for the back yard. Dad helped a little (like digging the post hole!).

This is where it was:

I built a little platform out of dowel rods and screwed them together. Because I am cheap thrifty I used a variety of things that I could find around my house. Two perches are made from a Lowe's paint stirrer that I ripped in half and sanded. The other two are made from a plastic clothes hanger. The bowl that holds the feed is the bottom part of a Rubbermaid storage container. I just cut the top off. It fit perfectly. The top of the lamp had a big hole in it and to keep the feed from getting wet when it rains I cut the bottom out of a plastic fiber container and turned it upside down and closed the opening with it (You can't see it.). It fit so perfectly that I didn't even have to glue it. Then I primed everything with spray primer and then spray painted it black.

I love it!!! Can't wait to see what birdies are enjoying it when I wake up in the morning. :) What do you think?


My Backyard Eden


  1. I'm just going to miss the Narnia lamp post when we drive up :)

  2. What an awesome way to repurpose your old lamp post. I love watching birds. I know you'll have a great time this spring!


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