Tuesday, March 23, 2010

REPOST of Our House:Before and After

This was originally published in October of 2008 but because several people have emailed recently asking about my cabinets I thought I would link up to Kimber's DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land, Get your Craft on at Today's Creative Blog and Tip Junkie. Hope you enjoy it!
OK peeps, here's what you've all been waiting for - HOUSE PICTURES! Because I am lazy and blogger is acting weird right now, I'm just putting them all on here in no particular order. The "Before's" are first. Also, I didn't edit anything. Again, because I am lazy and it already took me 2 days to get this post ready.

Back of the house
Kitchen looking towards Master Bath

Kitchen looking towards dining room and garage

Kitchen - notice the weird counter top piece hiding the back of the stove



Water heater in Garage

Back of house

Wallpaper in Master Bath

That's all the "before" pictures we have. We started working on the house before it occurred to me that I might want "before" pictures of everything. Oh well.

Here's what it looks like now:
Dining Room
Stone plates from Hobby Lobby
Kitchen - We removed the cabinets from above the stove and replaced the weird counter top piece hiding the stove with a larger piece of wood and shelving

The little shelving unit is from IKEA

New flooring and lighting in the kitchen and dining room

We painted the kitchen cabinets a dark brown. The actual color is Sarasparilla by Olympic. The finish is Gloss. The turtle in the window is from Senegal, West Africa. Zach thought he needed to look out the window and that is where he's staying. :)

New French Door refrigerator. The wall color in the kitchen is Vanilla Brandy.

Living Room - wall color is Martha Stewart Brick Hearth

There will eventually be more things on the walls.

I love our fireplace. The mantle was natural cedar when we bought it - we painted it dark brown.

The window on the mantle is from my paternal grandparents house - the house my dad grew up in. They still live there, but they replaced the windows a while back and DD let me have them.

The djembe (drum) is from Senegal, West Africa too.

Master Bath - I made the curtain. That fabric was $46 a yard at JoAnns and I found it for $5.99 a yard at OHCO in Covington. That was a good day.

We painted the vanity the same color as the kitchen cabinets and bought a new counter top, new sinks, and new faucets. We got new lighting too from Lithonia Lighting.

Justin installed a shower door.

And he did a little landscaping in the backyard.

He and Daddy built a cover for the water heater.

Justin added shelves to the side for shoe storage. Since living in Korea, both of us are in the habit of removing our shoes when we get home.

These are the cabinets that we took out of the kitchen. Now we have excellent storage in the garage.

Well that's it for now folks. We haven't done anything at all to the upstairs yet, and our Master Bedroom is next on the project list.

I want to know what you think so PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE leave me some comments!


  1. I like it, home improvement projects are never easy. I wish my kitchen was done. I think that you have made alot of great progress-I also like your mantle.Have you ever considered buying a stove that is just a cooktop and an oven? I bought one at habitat for $35.00 and love it.

  2. Interesting take on the kitchen cupboards. I figured this would be another kitchen painted white .... which is my look but it was fun to see another color for a change. This is really striking. Well done.

  3. Turned out beautiful, I'm about to embark on a kitchen redo of my own, although more simple. I love the walls in your living room, great color.

  4. your house looks amazing! its such hard work but completely worth it in the long run. way to go!

  5. WoW!!!! You are amazing. You have a good eye for remodeling!!!
    Fun stuff!!

  6. wow. i really wish we could remodel some things in the house we live in now but we are renting still. :( One day! This all looks great! I love the living room and fire place!

  7. Oh My! Your hard work paid off...amazing renovations!

  8. Your color choices are beautiful! I love what you did in the kitchen ... that stove thing is really odd! I guess it's meant for a drop-in model, but I like your solution for your regular stove more than the odd "fix" that was there before. Great job!

  9. You've done an awesome job, I love the cabinets! The fireplace looks great too, so warm and cozy!

  10. Love the cupboards, wall decor, backyard, water heater cover, curtain. You did a wonderful job and everything looks good, but, to be honest, I don't "love" the orange hues in any of the wall paint, especially not the lighter orange in the living room next to the darker orangey red. I think the fireplace wall should be all the darker color. Orange is in, though, so your look if modern and fresh! Good job!


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