Monday, July 19, 2010

the birthday celebrations

We had a full week of birthday fun. :) Silas had his first party with my family and his friend Emma-Claire while we were in Louisiana and then he celebrated with Momma and Daddy on his real birthday by getting a new bike helmet and going for a ride, and then Saturday we had his little party here with family and friends. Throw in preparations for all of that, swim lessons every day, and a fish fry and you've got a full week! It was fun and Silas seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

Cupcakes in LA

His "smash cake" in LA

Dummin'! One of the things Mamay and Pops got him was this cool drum and instrument set. He LOVES it!

I made him a little hat out of a paper plate and as you can see he was NOT about that (which I totally expected...I just wanted a picture). :)

Yum yum!

This was his birthday dinner in LA - Roast Beef and Rice and Gravy, Purple Hull peas, and Parsley Potatoes. It's always my birthday dinner too 'cause it's my FAVORITE! He ate and ate and ate.

We got bikes recently so Justin and I can ride together since he can't run with his back and of course we wanted Silas to come along too. We got him a WeeRide seat that goes in front of you instead of behind you and he thinks it is the greatest thing! Mom and Dad like it too because we can see him the whole time. On his actual birthday we gave him his new helmet and then went for a ride and he smile the.entire.time. He very much enjoys the wind in his face. :)

When we got back he kept pushing Justin's hand off of the handles so he could drive.

Since he loves everything to do with water so much we had a "Splash Party" for him here. He and the May boys played in his pool and in the sprinkler and we all had Otter Pops (and now we all have raw tongues and mouths from the otter pops). I made him a fish smash cake and the grown-ups got their choice of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.

Ready for smash cake Round 2


I put him straight in the sink after he ate his cake.:)

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!

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