Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The trip out to Louisiana was wonderful. Silas was a happy boy the whole way there and I got lots of reading done. I finished Radical by David Platt on the way home and let me just tell you - you NEED to read that book. We also were able to listen to a few sermons that were both challenging and encouraging.

Because this post could get really looooong if I talk about everything we did, I'll just share some pictures and talk about them. Trust me, that's going to be long enough. We also had a party for Silas while we were there because he turned ONE on Sunday. Those pictures will be in a separate post.

On Saturday we went to the zoo. It was hot as heck but we had a blast and the boys did too. Sarah blogged about our day.

Micah playing on the playground

A tired and delirious boy loving on his Daddy

We spent lots of time just hanging out in the lake and on the porch eating watermelon and watching Silas play with the water hose.

Eating watermelon with Mamay

This is how most pictures of me and Justin look because I am always wanting a picture of us and usually when I think about it there is no one around to take it so I do the whole stretch-your-arm-out-and-hope-it's-centered thing.

Silas got plenty of naked time. He would literally scream when it was time to go inside after he had been playing with the water!

On Thursday Justin and I went fishing down in Lake Charles with Doug, Rachael, and his friend Brian. We wanted to go out on the gulf (I really wanted to catch a shark like they had been doing all summer) but the swells were too high so we went out on Big Lake. It was a great day and we had a blast. Justin caught 8 (flounder, redfish, and black drum) and I caught 4 (redfish, croaker, and black drum).

One of Justin's Reds

Another one

Me and Rachael

Just in case you were wondering what a flounder looks like up close...
Yes, they have teeth. And yes, their eyes are on the same side of their body.

Doug with one of his flounder

There were pelicans everywhere. This is where we cleaned the fish and the one that looks like he is eating something is eating some guts and stuff that Doug threw to him.

Friday morning Silas played in the lake and dirt for a long time. He was having a blast until it was time to go in and get rested for his party. :)

There's nothing really special going on with this picture. I just love it.

Pops gave him a worm (for fishing) and he played and played with it. He tried to eat it but wasn't thrilled with the dirt that got in his mouth. :)

This one CRACKS me up! I stuck this on Justin's head while we were doing the cake and cupcakes for his party. I don't know why.

It was a fabulous trip and we can't wait until Christmas when we can both go out there again.

I just realized that I left off a couple pictures from our fishing trip so stay tuned for a separate post with those and birthday party #1 pics. :)

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  1. what sweet photos! (except for the closeup of the flounder...that one's freaking me out just a bit.) ;) looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    ps i LOVED that book and sermon series too. awesome.


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