Thursday, February 7, 2008

Creative Genius

So my husband has been sick all this week with that nighttime-sniffling-sneezing-coughing-aching-fever-NOT-the-best-sleep-you-ever-got crud that is apparently going around the whole US right now. Because of this, I was forced to resort to less than conventional sleeping arrangements for myself. I like to think of myself as an empathetic, compassionate person, and in keeping with that self-picture, I let hubby have the bed while I slept here:

I won't lie -- I haven't slept that great for two nights in a row in I don't know how long!! I'm so glad our couch is a sectional and that with a little creative thinking I was able to turn it into the most comfortable "couch bed" ever! Of course, I did destroy our living room in the process, but it was worth it to not have to sleep with the walking Nyquil commercial (before the medicine kicked in).

I'm happy to report that Justin is feeling much better now. Hopefully we will both sleep soundly in OUR bed tonight. After we watch LOST of course.

Please ignore the mess in the background. This is what happens when Justin is home sick for two days.

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I LOVE sleeoing alone, all stretched out and no one tugging on the covers. Happy when he come back though :)

    Glad he's feeling better! Sweet of you to give him the bed, be sure and wash the sheets before you sleep in them! We've had to wash and Lysol our house down TWICE. UGH.


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