Friday, February 15, 2008

This may very well be the death of me...

Chocolate, caramel (car-muhl), and pecans (pah-cahns NOT PEE-cans). Now separate, these three things are harmless (well, maybe not to your thighs, but for the most part) but put them together and the sheer ecstasy of the experience alone will kill you - Stop your heart dead in its tracks. Not to mention the elation you will feel when you bite into it and pull it away from your mouth only to have a trail of the most amazing caramel you've ever tasted stretching from your lips to the bear claw now a foot away. But the imminent threat of having that sticky goodness dangling off your chin will not deter you. You will let it dangle and continue devouring this caramel-bleeding Bear Claw until you have 5 trails hanging off your chin threatening to permanently make themselves at home there. Or maybe that's just me.


Chocolate + Caramel + Pecans + Ecstasy (feeling, not drug) + Elation = DEATH BY BEAR CLAW

If I truly do die from attempting to eat the whole box in a single weekend, you can blame my parents. They sent Justin and I a box for Valentine's Day. Yes, you should be jealous. No, you cannot have them. They are MY parents. I'm willing to share though.

You can order your very own Death in a Box here or by clicking on the picture.

Come now friends. Let's all fall off the Resolution Wagon together. You will not be disappointed. =)

Picture property of River Street Sweets

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