Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you read... must read these books by my favorite author, Ray Blackston.

Seriously. These books are fabulous. They are funny. They are charming. And they are real. I've read Flabbergasted, the first of the series, probably 15 times (I'm reading right now) and the whole series probably 10. These are my go-to books when I don't have anything else to read, or just want a good laugh. If you read these, I promise you will laugh. And you will relate - no matter your age, no matter if you are married, single, or single-again -- you will relate to someone or something in these books.

Now if the cover of this next book doesn't make you want to read it, then I don't know what will.
A Pagan's Nightmare is a "comic spoof on legalism." You should read it.

And now for the best news of all...drum roll please...Ray has a new book out that was released February 12th. I did not know this. I don't know how I didn't know, but I didn't so this news totally just made my day, week, month, and possibly year. This is the cover:
I am literally going to Lifeway at lunch to see if they have it. I'll cry if they don't and politely DEMAND that they stock some copies, and then I will go straight home to my computer and order one for myself from amazon. I can't wait. I might have to go right now.

Anyway -- you can learn more about Ray and his books here. You can read Chapter One of each of the books there and what I call the "back cover" - you know, the short run down of what the book is about. I know you know what I am talking about. Don't kid yourself.

You can order the books here, here, and here. I suggest ordering them all at once, especially the series, because once you start you WILL NOT want to stop and driving the the bookstore or waiting for the next one to come in the mail will be excruiatingly painful. Consider yourself warned.

I'm off to the store. Happy reading!
Oh yeah, and when you go to Ray's website, leave him a little note and tell him "Steph from GA" sent you. =)


  1. I agree - I just LOVE his books!
    I'm giving away a book you may be interested in - Truffles by the Sea - stop by and check it out!

  2. I love those books, too! They are great! I'm excited to see that he has a new one!


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