Friday, February 8, 2008


Me: Nate, keep practicing your "B's"-- they don't have to be perfect, that's why it is called practice.


Me: Your brain can hear you say that. My gosh, I sound just like my mother. I just want you to try. You haven't tried so how do you know you can't do it?


Nate: My brain hurts.

Me: Mine too bud. Mine too. Screaming does that.

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  1. hey there!
    thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    i found you through blog go to one blog...takes you to another...then to another...and then 30 minutes later you're did i get to this blog??? anyways, i was glad i found you :) i think maybe today's creative blog was what linked me to yours...maybe?
    i LOVE those long does it take for you to make one...get it shipped...the whole shabang? i have some friends who are having birthdays, and i think they would love these!
    okay, well, thanks for stopping to ya soon...


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