Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser with Moonpie Designs

Many of you know that adoption is something that has always been on my heart, but even more so in the last few months. I now spend a great deal of my time reading blogs about adoption (especially Africa adoptions) and gleaning wisdom from the sweet families that are willing to share their journeys.

A few months ago I stumbled upon Erica's blog and we quickly became bloggy/email friends. :) The Shubin's (David and Erica) are in the process of bringing home their daughter from Ethiopia (!!!!). This is their second Ethiopian adoption - their son, SILAS (5), came home in 2008 and they have Nichol (12), Skyler (11), Olivia (8).

Right now they are doing a fundraiser for their Referral Fee so that they can say "YES!!" as soon as they are given a referral and see their daughter's sweet face.

This fundraiser is A Family Affair and it literally has something in it for everyone...seriously, there is TONS of great stuff in this Family Pack! Lots of t-shirts (you know I love me some Africa shirts!), hats, jewelry, children's clothes, bags, and just all kinds of goodies. Go check it out to see what all is in there! There is a Moonpie Designs goody in there too (any goody you want!). :) You can find out all about how the fundraiser will work at their blog (and how to score extra chances to win!), but I'll give you a little briefing here too:

This is a "drawing" style fundraiser so the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of winning. Tickets are in the form of puzzle pieces - they are putting together an African puzzle to frame in double sided glass and hang in their daughter's room. Every puzzle piece will have the name of the donor written on the back of it so that it will always be a precious reminder of all the people that helped to bring her home. Each puzzle piece is $10 and for the Family Pack only (the puzzle fundraiser is on-going until every piece is purchased) you can get 3 pieces for $25. PLEASE please please go meet this precious family and help them bring their daughter home!

Go! Tell them I sent you! Buy some puzzle pieces and be a part of making a Forever Family!

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  1. aww what an awesome idea. i have a blog i follow "the Anderson crew" (link on my blog) they are raising money to bring their little girl home from africa as well.
    what great people... with HUGE open hearts!


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