Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embrace the Camera (Sept. 9)

This week's Embrace the Camera is brought to you by MY BIRTHDAY! ;)

Being stingy with his kisses
(I just had to google how to spell stingy because when I typed it the first time I was convinced that was wrong. The English language is screwed up.)

Monday evening we had a little party for me here with the Mays, Cardoza's (who were so sweet to show up despite some devastating circumstances), and my friend Kiley.

After everyone sang and it was time to blow out the candle (which was Silas's "1" from his cake), I was gonna let Silas help me blow it and Justin accidentally blew it out before we could. You would have had to been there, but it was hilarious. :)
And yes, that is bundt cake on an upside down pasta serving bowl. It's all I could find!!

Micah and Bella decided to semi-cooperate for a picture for once. :) Love these kiddos! Micah was the first little baby that I ever kept and then Bella was not far behind him.:)

Get your Embrace the Camera on!!


  1. These are cute pictures! Happy birthday!

  2. happy birthday to you, friend!!

  3. Happy birthday! I agree. English is the dorky awkward weirdo of the languages.

  4. Yay! Happy birthday! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  5. that cake on the bowl makes me laugh. so funny. very creative...

  6. super cute shots. happy birthday! xoxo.

  7. super cute pictures!


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