Thursday, September 30, 2010

Embrace the Camera (Sept 30)

A couple of weeks ago when it was just starting to cool off enough to actually walk outside without melting, Justin and Silas decided to wash the Element. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures that day because it was just so cute and of course by the end Silas was naked and Mogley walking all over the driveway and yard. :) Here's a very small sampling of the hundreds of pictures:

Learning how to fill up the bucket

Getting a drink (despite this face, he actually does love this)
Ahh - so refreshing. :)

Learning how to clean the tires
(I find it very weird that you can't see Justin's tattoo on his back in this picture.)

Kissing his reflection :)
Here's some randomness for ya:

When we were in LA we got to visit with my best friend from college and her little girl that is 2 weeks younger than Silas. We had not met each others babies yet so this was a great day!

Me, Silas, Katy, and Jubilee
We have totally slacked the past week or so with Embracing the Camera. :( I'm gonna do better next week!


  1. I love your pics of washing the car with daddy. And pics with friends are always better!

  2. oh my goodness love these... how cute is that????

  3. Love the kissing the car shot! CUTE!

  4. Aww....A daddy and his son ~ so sweet!

  5. I love that his car is parked next to dad's. =) Cute pictures!

  6. cute pics!

    love the bat pictures too...that is crazy!

  7. Might as well start teaching them early! I love theone where he's being squirted.


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