Monday, September 13, 2010

The latest.

I've been a block making fool the last few days! This order is going to Sarah in Louisiana. She wanted some artwork for her home and new office. Sarah and I graduated from high school together.

This "faith" is my favorite. :)

And just for kicks...


We are headed out to LA on Wednesday (flying again) for a week. Today and tomorrow will be busy busy busy! I'll be working on orders, tonight is our first YOUNGLIFE club of the year, and of course I'll be packing and trying my hardest to be organized for the flight. :)


  1. aww i love the faith blocks thats my soon to be little girls middle name. love it! :O)

  2. Think I want some of these to spell out Molly and Eli's names to put in their rooms. Let's chat when you get back in town. Have fun!!


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