Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's a look at all of the bundles the are part of The Anderson Family Crew's fundraiser. In case you missed it, they are adopting a little girl, Elsabeth Mae, from Ethiopia and are raising money to get her home!

These bundles are amazing and each one is worth over $400. Each $10 donation gets you a chance to win one of your choice. Once you make the donation you then get to leave a comment under the post with the bundle you would like to have a chance to win. Donate $50? You can put all five chances under one bundle or you can put one in each bundle. It's that simple!

The fundraiser ends at midnight eastern on Sunday so go go go and help out this sweet family! Also please SHARE THE LOVE and post about it on your blogs, facebook, and twitter. Every little bit helps. :)

And remember, if you make a donation to this fundraiser and place an order with Moonpie Designs before the fundraiser ends, you will get 10% off you entire order. :) Convo me on etsy or email moonpie{dot}designs{at}yahoo{dot}com

Home Decor Bundle (worth $623)

All Girl Bundle (worth $522)

Craft/Hobby Bundle (worth $415)

All Boy Bundle (worth $420)

Accessory Bundle (worth $587)
Aren't they fabulous?!


  1. You my friend are ridiculously talented!!! I LOVE all of these bundles!!

  2. Wow Steph! Did you help make some of the bundles??

  3. I wish I were that creative! The bundles are donations for about 50 different shops and Em put them together and photographed them. All I did was donate some Africa wallets and the Family blocks. :)


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