Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silas had a roommate...

So we found out today that Silas has had a roommate for a little while now.

Justin was taking out his window A/C unit for the winter and found this little fellow:

and lots of his poop.

Justin poked him with something to wake him up. He was a very very sleepy little thing.

Not gonna lie - I think he's kind of adorable. :) (and I'm convinced he's a boy)

Not really so cute anymore...those are TEETH. He was not happy about being pushed out of the 2nd story window. Justin was afraid he was gonna wake up and fly all around the room so he pushed him out thinking he'd wake up and fly off. He did not. He fell.:(

He didn't want to leave him there on the ground all sleepy/groggy and whatnot so he picked him up and put him on the side of a vine covered tree.

All of this happened in the 20 minutes that Silas and I were at CVS buying hair product. We got home and he was still in the same place on the tree just sleeping away. I was afraid he might be dead from the fall, but Justin blew on him and he kinda hissed/barked. We decided to just let him sleep after that. I mean, who likes being awakened from a good sleep??
So yeah.

Silas has been having a sleep over every night and we didn't even know it! :P We are very grateful that there was no way for Mr. Bat to actually get IN the room - he was just nice and warm under the A/C motor and minding his own business.


  1. and not one picture of Silas...

  2. That is the creepiest thing I've ever seen! I would have passed out! lol

  3. Oh my gosh, girl - you know that bats have rabies and you can die from them -

    I'm not trying to freak you out but there was a boy in Houston last year who was shooing a bat out of his room, he got bit, maybe at night, and didn't even know it. By the time you realize you have rabies it is too late and he died.

    Just never EVER touch a bat!!!

    Okay all done now.

  4. Oh ick. Getting itchy just looking at it. Left the house this morning with a present from the cat on the walkway. Dead mouse. Heebie Jeebies for sure.


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