Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YoungLife Llamaween 2010

Every year Rockdale County YoungLife has an event called Llamaween and it's the week before Halloween and everyone dresses up in complete ridiculousness. It's a total blast. I went as an 80's aerobics instructor. :)

This year we had Dodgeball Llamaween so we were in a gym and basically played a twist on Dodgeball called War Ball all night. That and lots of Ultimate Ninja.

**the pics are in absolutely random order because blogger is being dumb right now**

My best attempt at 80's makeup. :)

With WonderWoman aka Jessica

Ready, Set, GO!

Savannah trying her best to nail someone :)

In War Ball, if you get hit instead of being "out" you go behind the opposing team and then if a ball comes out of bounds you can grab it and hit the team from behind and then if you do, you get to go back in the game. This is us waiting for a ball to come. :)

I am awful at War Ball.

Oscar the Grouch aka Shelby

with Savannah my 80's workout friend

with a Chilean Miner aka The Godfather aka Zach

Click on the next 2 to make them bigger.

Llamaween 2010 :)

Leaders: WonderWoman, The Old Spice Man ("I'm on a horse"), a Chilean Miner, The Tooth Fairy, a blackberry, a monkey, a pirate, a cheerleader, 80's aerobic instructor, and a coach. I'm laughing like a loon because there was inappropriateness going on behind me. :P

So there ya go. I already can't wait until next year! I'm weird and LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up, and basically I get to do it twice a year - Halloween and Llamaween. :)

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