Monday, October 11, 2010

Share the Love!

Whooo boy do I have the goods for y'all this week!

Here's the deal:

The Anderson Family Crew are going from a family of 6 to a family of 7! That's right, they are in the process of adopting a sweet little girl from Ethiopia! Her name is Elsabeth Mae. They will call her Elsa. Don't you just love that?!

They are Emily (who is adorable btdubs), Keith, Caedmon, Hadley, Milo, and Kohen. They need about $12,000 to get Elsa home. To some that number might be staggering, but they believe (as do I!!) that our God is infinitely bigger than that number and that HE will provide.

Em is doing an incredible fundraiser at her blog this week. I can't wait to see how God uses it for
HIS GLORY and to provide the funds for this adoption!

She has 5 different bundles of goodies, each with a different theme, and each worth OVER $300. She will reveal the bundles throughout the day tomorrow (starting at 7am). You can get a sneak peek of the 46 (!!!) shops that donated their awesome goodies to the bundles by going here, here, and here.
Can you find Moonpie Designs in the line up?

To get all the juicy details just click on the Share the Love button at the top of this post.

Please please please feel free to blog, facebook, and tweet about this fundraiser. Let's get the word out peeps!

And just so you can see who they are...
is that not the best Christmas card EVER?!?!


You know what to do!

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